My name is Anny and I'm the main character in The Phantom Hunters books. I have a secret, and I'll let you in on it if you promise not to make fun of me. I can see ghosts.

My family doesn't know it, though. They just think I'm weird. My mom thinks I'm lying or that there is something wrong with my brain. She keeps taking me to doctors to see what is wrong with me. It makes me sad, because I want to be close to her like she is with my identical twin sister, Scout.

Scout and I used to be close, but she thought I was weird, too, until recently. She's really popular at school and I'm not. She's also really into Girl Scouts, and she's good at all kinds of sports. I'm not good at those things, either. I'm good at science, though. And I love texting people and blogging on my laptop.

If you've ever seen the show Psychic Kids, then you know what I'm going through. I'm like those kids. It makes me feel a little better knowing there are others like me out there.

My best friend is my next-door neighbor, Eric Larson. He understands me because he knows what it's like to be different. He's deaf. What's really cool, though, is that I got to take sign language lessons so I can talk to him. It sure comes in handy!

When we won the science fair at school, Scout, Eric, and I took a cool trip to the Navajo Nation. My dad's college roommate, Jim Roanhorse, is a teacher there, and we went there to help him and his nephew, Ben Lapahie, plan a science fair. Did we ever get a shock when we got to the reservation! We walked right into the biggest mystery of our lives!I hope you will read about our adventure in The Lost Treasure of the Golden Sun.

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