Character Profiles

Anny Bradford
I'm Anny. My real name is Annywn, which I hate. My grampa insisted I be called that, and I'm not sure why. I love Grampa a lot, and I don't want to make him feel bad about this, so I don't talk about it much.

School's getting a little harder for me. Not because my homework is getting harder. I don't have any problems there. It's because the kids are noticing even more that I see things that they can't. I don't know what to do. I know those things are really there--like the time I had the vision of the neighbor's cat in the garage down the street, or the time I saw my mom's grandmother in the park even though she died way before I was born. People always think I'm lying. They thought I put the cat in that garage. Luckily, I was able to get my parents to think I was mistaken about great-grandma. I saw her--and then I found her picture in our family photo album. I know it was her. I was scared when she talked to me, though, and so I ran home.

I try to get involved at school because I'm hoping that will help the kids to like me a little more. I'm writing articles for the school newspaper, and I'm in the science club. Eric Larson is the only one who really understands me, though. I'm glad I have at least one really close friend. I think my sister is beginning to understand me, too. I'm happy about that.

Scout Bradford
Since my sister mentioned her real name, I'll tell you mine. It's Rowan, but everyone calls me Scout because I'm really into Girl Scouts. I started out as a Daisy when I was five. I like playing soccer, too. I'm not as smart as my sister. I don't get good grades like she does. I'm more into shopping with my mom. Everyone is used to seeing me wearing stuff with a Girl Scout logo, but I love going to the mall and lately I've been looking around for cool regular clothes.

I still take scouting seriously, though. I take my backpack with my supplies with me wherever I go. I took it to the Navajo Nation, and you'll have to read The Lost Treasure of the Golden Sun to find out how that worked out.

It's kind of cool having an identical twin. Anny and I are nothing alike, though. I don't understand her very well. The other kids think she's weird. I don't like seeing my sister feel bad. I know she's not a liar, but I think there may be something wrong with her. We used to be close, but she has these "episodes," as Mom calls them, where she acts really odd, and it's kind of made us not be so close anymore. We're working on that.

My sister sure knows how to make life exciting, though, so stick around for more great adventures!

Eric Larson
I live next-door to Anny and Scout. I live with my grandma because my parents were killed in a car accident when I was seven. I really miss them, but my grandma is cool. She let me go to the Navajo Nation with Anny and Scout, and we had a really great time.

I really like math and science, and Anny and I always enter the science fair. This year, Scout went in on the project with us, and we won! That's why we got to take a trip to the Navajo Nation. We were going to help Jim Roanhorse's school set up a science fair. Boy, did things ever get freaky when we got there. We ended up hunting for a lost treasure. Was it ever scary! You can read all about it in The Lost Treasure of the Golden Sun.

Anny and I are best friends. She even went to sign language school and learned how to sign. Now we can talk a lot. I lost my hearing in the car accident, so signing is how I talk most of the time. I can speak out loud, though, and I read people's lips to see what they are saying.

I hope you will visit this site a lot.