Hi, Everybody!

I’m Anny, and I’m the main character in the mystery/adventure series, The Phantom Hunters. I’m 12, and this is a cool site about the books I’m in. I had a great adventure looking for lost treasure on the Navajo Nation, and you can read all about it in the first book, The Lost Treasure of the Golden Sun.
I’m all set to go to England for some more adventures. You can read about it and The Lost Treasure under the "Books" tab. 

This website is new, so not everything is here yet, but my blog is up and running, and I hope you will blog with me.

We will have a newsletter and other fun stuff here soon, so I hope you bookmark this site so you can come back often. I’d really like to get to know you.

Great Cause!

Fellow writer Rhonda Fischer and her son, Oliver, who is in med school, are raising money for the Himalayan Cataract Foundation. There is a marathon at the end of June in San Francisco and they have til July 15 to raise funds. For $20, one person will regain his/her vision from cataract surgery. They are seeking artists to donate one painting to auction off. 100% goes to the Foundation. The art can be from children as long as it is an original. You can also donate $20 to give one person sight.

Let Rhonda know if you have a painting you would like to donate for the cause. Please join Team Randy as they would love to raise money for these people. See the files linked below for information on the Himalayan Cataract Foundation. You would be giving The Gift of Sight. The Team Randy website for the Foundation will be ready soon. Please email
info@whimpublishing.com if you are interested in a donation. If you know any artists willing to help out please send them this link. Rhonda's other website links are below. Thank you!

HCF Brochure

HCF Best of 2010