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Meet the Author
Author Carol J. Amato shares the writing from grade school to the present. This presentation includes a look at current books, a sneak peak at upcoming books, and a question and answer session.

The Writing Life
Learn what it takes to become a published writer. Author Carol J. Amato shares the writing process, the realities of submitting your manuscripts for publication, and the steps you should take to ensure a sale.

Running a Writers' Critique Group in Your Classroom
A writers' critique group is a meeting of writers who read and critique one another's work before it goes to an editor. Writers learn as much from hearing the critiques of others' writing as they do from hearing their own work critiqued. Students are no different. Many have trouble with their writing. Running a writers' critique group in your classroom can help students learn more about the writing process; how to spot grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors; and how to clearly express their thoughts, which can take the frustration factor out of preparing an assignment. This seminar shows you how to use the writers' critique group format in the classroom setting to allow them to critique one another's work before it is submitted to you for a grade.

A Tour of the Navajo Nation
Take a photographic tour of Navajo Country. See the ruins of Chaco Canyon, Canyon de Chelly, and Mesa Verde. See Navajos at work, tour the town of Window Rock (the capital of the Navajo Nation) and the formation for which the town is named, and observe the beauty of the desert.

A Tour of Robin Hood Country
Yes, Robin Hood really lived! See the church where Robin married Maid Marian; Sherwood Forest's Major Oak, a large tree where Robin hid with his merry men; Robin's stables and Friar Tuck's Wishing Well; the ruins of Prince John's hunting lodge; Nottingham Castle; and Mortimer's Caves, from which the crusaders left for war.

A Tour of Lincoln, England
This town at the top of Sherwood Forest was built by the Romans. See the 1100-year-old castle and dungeons; the impressive Cathedral of the same age built high atop a hill and visible for 100 miles; Roman ruins, and more.

A Tour of London
Tour the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, the Thames River, Oxford Street, Piccadilly Circus, and many other famous London landmarks.

Life at Sea
Hear all about life on an oil tanker. See crewmembers at work. Visit the bridge. Sail through the Panama Canal, witness the stillness of the Doldrums in the South China Sea, view albatrosses and sharks off South Africa, and observe sunken ships off Japan.